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What Is Carbon Black?

What Is Carbon Black?

Carbon Black
Carbon Black

Carbon black is composed of fine particles consisting mainly of carbon.
Various features of carbon black are controlled in production by partially combusting oil or gases.
Carbon black is widely used in various applications from black coloring pigment of newspaper inks to electric conductive agent of high-technology materials.

History of Carbon Black

Soot, which is similar to carbon black, was used for writing letters on papyrus in ancient Egypt and on bamboo strips in ancient China.
Carbon black production became a type of cottage industry about the time when the paper production method was established in the second century. It then became widely used in industries after it was produced with the channel process in 1892 and with the oil furnace method in 1947.

Application of carbon black

A large amount of carbon black is used mainly in tires as excellent rubber reinforcement. Carbon black is also an excellent coloring agent as black pigment, and therefore is widely used for printing inks, resin coloring, paints, and toners.
Furthermore, carbon black is used in various other applications as an electric conductive agent, including antistatic films, fibers, and floppy disks.